08.30 Session 11
Histopathology: when and where

CHAIRPERSONS: C. Stefanato (UK), P.A. Fanti (Italy)
09.15 Session 12
The scalp in health and disease: news and views

CHAIRPERSON: R.M. Trueb (Switzerland)
10.00 Coffee break/Exhibit/Poster
10.45 Session 13
Hair follicles, stem cells and their niche

11.45 Session 14
Interesting clinical cases for diagnosis

CHAIRPERSON: P. Reygagne (France)
12.30 Prizes and awards
CHAIRPERSONS: B.M. Piraccini (Italy), N. Farjo (UK), C. Higgins (UK)
13.15 Lunch
14.00 – 15.00 Final remarks and closing
CHAIRPERSONS: B.M. Piraccini (Italy), R. Grimalt (Spain), J. Ferrando (Spain)