Daily Program, 19 May

08.30 Session 4
Trichoscopy and non-invasive techniques

CHAIRPERSONS: L. Rudnicka (Poland), M. Starace (Italy)
09.15 Coffee break/Exhibit/Poster
10.00 Session 5
Pediatric hair disorders: from genes to disease

CHAIPERSON: R. Grimalt (Spain)
10.45 Session 6
Hair ageing and color

11.30 John Ebling lecture
CHAIRPERSONS: A. Zlotogorski (Israel), B.M. Piraccini (Italy)
12.15 Lunch
13.15 Session 7
Alopecia areata: from bench to clinic

CHAIRPERSONS: Y. Ramot (Israel), A. Gilhar (Israel)
14.15 Session 8
Cell-based, growth factor-based or pharmaceutical therapies? An open discussion

CHAIRPERSON: A. Vogt (Germany)
15.00 Coffee break/Exhibit/Poster
16.00 Session 9
Cicatricial and permanent alopecia

CHAIRPERSON: S. Vañó Galván (Spain)
17.00 Session 10
Endocrine and metabolic factors in hair growth: News and views

17.30 – 18.30 EHRS General Assembly
20.30 Gala dinner